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Making the decision to move my husband to a care home was the hardest single decision I ever made in my life.

Then I found Breck, and everything fell into place beautifully. Once I realized how he thrived there, how well taken care of he was, and how much better his day-to-day life and problems could be managed there, I experienced tremendous peace of mind, and was able to spend my time with him focusing on the things that REALLY mattered. It was a perfect place for him. Jenny and her team take their work very seriously – but not themselves. They handle all of the details with conviction, expertise and humor. When it was time for him to say his final good byes to all of us, the love and attention from everyone at Breck made it a peaceful, meaningful, and precious time. I have only good things to say about absolutely everyone at Breck and the care they provide and thank my lucky stars that we found them when we needed them.


Wife of Breck Homes Resident

Breck Home is just that to my Dad and our family. My Dad has severe dementia, but the love and care that he receives makes him feel relaxed and happy. The love and support our entire family feels every time we visit my Dad makes us not only feel welcome, but that we have a very special, extended family. We are so grateful to be blessed with the quality caring support of the Breck Home staff.


Daughter of Breck Homes Resident

It feels like home when I visit Breck, because all the residents and staff are now family.


Granddaughter of Breck Homes Resident

Breck does ‘community’ better than anyone. Community is not a special event that is imported once in a while; rather, it is the daily life there because the staff lives it in a meaningful way with the residents.


Son of Breck Homes Resident

The wonderful and loving care which Dad receives at Breck gives me great peace of mind. It warms my heart to see how the elders and caregivers have become a family, genuinely caring about each other. As a result of daily exercises, consistent care, and stimulating social contact, Dad is physically stronger now at 96 than he has been for quite a while. We truly feel like we “hit the jackpot” in finding the best possible home for Dad.


Daughter of Breck Homes Resident

Placing a loved one is very discouraging and difficult. It was very difficult to see my mother so drugged up at the nursing home she was in before I moved her to Breck Home. Once she moved to Breck Home, my mother got such personal care and attention, she became herself again. Her life has improved greatly!


Daughter of Breck Homes Resident

I wish I could find even nearly as good a place here for all my favorite elderly clients or parents of clients and friends who are medically frail or have some dementia. There is no better care!


Daughter of Breck Homes Resident

As my father’s former caregiver, I found it extremely difficult to transfer his care to an institution–no matter how excellent its reputation. After visiting at least 12 nursing homes, we found Breck Home. Its caring, competent and attentive staff provide individualized care. Jenny, the owner, who has a masters degree in geriatric nursing, keeps abreast of each resident’s health, and she keeps families apprised. Breck’s homey and welcoming atmosphere is filled with laughter, fun and often, the enticing smells of home baking. Visitors are made to feel like part of the Breck family. I don’t think we could have found a place that would be better for my father at this stage in his life.


Daughter of Breck Homes Resident